Certification business case guidance published

22nd July, 2016

WWF have published the 'business case' guidance document we developed in collaboration with staff from across the charity's network. The research was commissioned in response to a growth in the desire to make the ‘business case’ for sustainable business practices to key decision-makers.

April 2016 Newsletter

1st April, 2016

Find out about our newest partner Mark Barthel, our autumn landscapes event and other 3Keel news in our second quarter newsletter. 

Mark Barthel joins 3Keel as partner

1st April, 2016

Mark Barthel joins the 3Keel team as a Partner bringing with him a successful 25-year track record in identifying, managing, communicating and finding solutions to difficult environmental and sustainable development issues.

A wake-up call for conservation projects

31st March, 2016

New research has questionned the logic that if people living near protected areas (or other important places for wildlife) gain a good income from natural resources, they would place a higher value on the ecosystem, and therefore conserve it.

Defra publishes 3Keel Payments for Ecosystem Services report

20th January, 2016

Defra have published the final reports of a 3rd round of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) pilot studies - one of which was delivered by 3Keel with the Woodland Trust. The project explored the potential for PES on an upland urban fringe estate near Bolton.

Farmland biodiversity - where next for market-based mechanisms?

11th December, 2015

3Keel founding partner Richard Sheane reflects on a decade of public and private sector work to improve the UK's farmland biodiversity - and considers where next for market-based mechanisms.

December 2015 Newsletter

1st December, 2015

Find out about our Food Futures Report with WRAP, the business case for certification, the Cool Farm Alliance, and other 3Keel news in our fourth quarter newsletter.

A decade of change in the food system

#DoBusinessUnusual - behind the scenes of new WRAP report

5th November, 2015

3Keel has been working with WRAP to identify the opportunities and risks facing our food system from farm to fork over the next ten years.

Using spatial data infrastructure to understand landscapes

4th November, 2015

3Keel researcher Georgina Chandler discusses her Oxford MSc dissertation findings on the gaps and opportunities of using spatial data for managing landscapes.