A city is not an island - rethinking rural-urban connections

29th July, 2015

Could strengthening the links between urban areas and their surrounding rural hinterlands be one of the keys to more sustainable food systems? The second in our City Region Food Systems blog series.

Global to local - redefining food security

24th July, 2015

Is a global lens the best approach to tackling food security? In the first of four blogs based on our work on City Region Food Systems, Steve Jennings looks at the local drivers of food security.

A rice revolution?

1st June, 2015

Oxford University PhD researcher Thomas Hughes outlines the potential for using the C4 photosynthetic pathway in new rice plants, boosting plant efficiency and supporting food security efforts. 

Oxford’s food system in 2065

1st May, 2015

3Keel Partner Tom Curtis was asked by the University of Oxford alumni magazine ‘Oxford Today‘ to pen a few thoughts on what Oxford’s food system might look like in 50 years.

3Keel Landscapes event

23rd April, 2015

The notion of ‘landscape’ thinking is gaining momentum, but what does it mean in practice, and what mechanisms exist for achieving resilient outcomes from our natural resources? 

Study to quantify crop loss

13th March, 2015

We’re launching an appeal for potato, lettuce and strawberry growers to get involved in a ground-breaking research project to quantify the economic cost to English agriculture of crop losses. 

Why collaborative land management could be the answer to more sustainable land use

13th March, 2015

The National Centre of Universities and Business' Leading Food 4.0 explores the opportunities for growing business-university collaboration for the UK food sector. 

3Keel at ECI: Food and cities

5th March, 2015

On Monday 3Keel will be at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute presenting 3Keel’s work on urban food systems and exploring how cities and regions can build scenarios for sustainability.

3Keel event: Who shapes the land?

29th January, 2015

We are pleased to announce the first in our ‘3Keel events’ series, taking place in Oxford in April. We are posing the question: ‘Who shapes the landscape – and why does it matter for keeping Britain in business?’