Radical Retail

19th January, 2015

3Keel reports from the Oxford Real Farming Conference on the potential of two new online platforms to transform the food supply chain by cutting the distance between producer and consumer. 

Montbeliarde dual-purpose cattle breed

A systems approach to dairy

29th July, 2014

A new paper with contributions from 3Keel's Richard Sheane presents results of detailed research assessing greenhouse gas emissions in different types of UK dairy farming systems.

Flooding and food: using GIS to assess the impacts of the 2014 floods

19th February, 2014

The 2014 floods in the UK raised new concerns from some that conservation management has gone 'too far' and is putting national food security at risk. 3Keel investigates. 

Managing Complexity

21st October, 2013

This year’s Biosymposium provided a fascinating glimpse into the latest research on how socio-ecological systems bounce back from disturbance and avoid ‘tipping points’.