Sustainable Food Systems Framework

Institute of Food Science and Technology

3Keel were commissioned by the Institute of Food Science & Technology to develop a 'food sustainability framework' and identify opportunities for the Institute to expand its work on key sustainability topics.

Environmental Impacts of Livestock Feed


3Keel was commissioned by WWF-UK to provide an overview of the environmental impact of the global production of livestock feed.

Research priorities for UN Global Goals


3Keel partnered with Beechlight to facilitate a 4-day ‘Bellagio’ convening on Lake Como, on behalf of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and The Rockefeller Foundation.

M&S and WWF-UK landscapes event


3Keel facilitated a one-day workshop in London on Landscape Approaches for WWF-UK and M&S.

Binning assumptions on packaging

Pret A Manger

3Keel supported Pret A Manger develop an evidence-based global sustainable packaging specification underpinned by a full portfolio life cycle assessment across a range of material and impact metrics.

Oxfam’s approach to resilience in Asia


Together with Oxfam staff from 11 countries and 5 Oxfam affiliates, 3Keel developed an overarching approach to resilience that focuses on supporting poor women and men achieve six key outcomes for communities.

NERC water risk workshop


NERC commissioned 3Keel to plan and run a one-day workshop, bringing together researchers and the private sector to improve understanding of global freshwater systems, and support the mitigation of water risks to global supply chains and local communities.

Promoting sustainable retail investments

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

3Keel developed a sustainable retail toolkit to benchmark EBRD investments and identify priority actions to enhance their resilience.

Corporate responsibility in the leisure sector

Hollywood Bowl Group

The Hollywood Bowl Group – the UK’s largest 10 pin bowling operator – commissioned 3Keel to create a comprehensive and credible sustainability strategy that would resonate with their team, customers and investors.

Wood-fired heat feasibility study

Low Carbon Hub

3Keel worked with Oxfordshire's Low Carbon Hub to carry out a feasibility study for the development of a woodheat-based energy services company that 'twins' wood-fired heat installations with local, productively managed woods.

Creating the business case for certification


WWF commissioned 3Keel to write an accessible yet comprehensive guide to creating the ‘business case’ for credible certification and better management practices (BMPs) in the production of agricultural, forestry and fish commodities.

Food Futures #DoBusinessUnusual


3Keel was asked to identify the emerging trends and areas of innovation in the UK food system. The project comprised horizon scanning, stakeholder events, interviews and the design of a public-facing report.