We are expert manipulators of data with experience in carbon footprinting and life cycle analysis (LCA), and we pioneered the FoodPrinting tool for quantifying the environmental impacts and dependencies of food consumption. Our team is just as happy managing large quantitative datasets to distil clear and understandable insights as we are with collecting and assessing qualitative data.

Food Futures #DoBusinessUnusual


3Keel was asked to identify the emerging trends and areas of innovation in the UK food system. The project comprised horizon scanning, stakeholder events, interviews and the design of a public-facing report.

Environmental Impacts of Livestock Feed


3Keel was commissioned by WWF-UK to provide an overview of the environmental impact of the global production of livestock feed.

Do certification schemes improve worker wellbeing?

19th May, 2017

3Keel senior consultant Catherine McCosker worked with a team at SOAS (University of London) under Dr Carlos Oya to conduct a systematic review of agricultural certification schemes (CS).

Binning assumptions on packaging

Pret A Manger

3Keel supported Pret A Manger develop an evidence-based global sustainable packaging specification underpinned by a full portfolio life cycle assessment across a range of material and impact metrics.

WWF-UK food security report published

14th October, 2016

Ensuring citizens are sufficiently fed has been a key concern of governments since ancient times. However, due to a series of food shocks over the past 50 years international efforts to eradicate hunger have ignited global interest in the concept of ‘food security’. Partner Richard Sheane explores how food security is framed and where biodiversity fits in.

Promoting sustainable retail investments

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

3Keel developed a sustainable retail toolkit to benchmark EBRD investments and identify priority actions to enhance their resilience.

Cool Farm Tool launch webinar

27th September, 2016

3Keel are excited to announce the the launch webinar of the online version of the Cool Farm Tool. The Cool Farm Tool is the leading global tool for motivating, encouraging and rewarding good agriculture practice in supply chains.

A wake-up call for conservation projects

31st March, 2016

New research has questionned the logic that if people living near protected areas (or other important places for wildlife) gain a good income from natural resources, they would place a higher value on the ecosystem, and therefore conserve it.

Defra publishes 3Keel Payments for Ecosystem Services report

20th January, 2016

Defra have published the final reports of a 3rd round of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) pilot studies - one of which was delivered by 3Keel with the Woodland Trust. The project explored the potential for PES on an upland urban fringe estate near Bolton.

Wood-fired heat feasibility study

Low Carbon Hub

3Keel worked with Oxfordshire's Low Carbon Hub to carry out a feasibility study for the development of a woodheat-based energy services company that 'twins' wood-fired heat installations with local, productively managed woods.

Using spatial data infrastructure to understand landscapes

4th November, 2015

3Keel researcher Georgina Chandler discusses her Oxford MSc dissertation findings on the gaps and opportunities of using spatial data for managing landscapes.

A decade of change in the food system

#DoBusinessUnusual - behind the scenes of new WRAP report

5th November, 2015

3Keel has been working with WRAP to identify the opportunities and risks facing our food system from farm to fork over the next ten years.