Business as usual is not working - new ways of thinking are vital to tackle entrenched problems. Our team brings together expertise across multiple fields, generating new ideas from the cross-fertilisation of our different specialities. We generate ideas that are more than pipe dreams - bold but practical innovations that can be operationalised by businesses, policy-makers and NGOs.

Food Futures #DoBusinessUnusual


3Keel was asked to identify the emerging trends and areas of innovation in the UK food system. The project comprised horizon scanning, stakeholder events, interviews and the design of a public-facing report.

Understanding City Region Food Systems

Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit

The International Sustainability Unit commissioned 3Keel to create a synthesis paper on City Region Food Systems, presented by 3Keel at a high-level meeting convened by HRH the Prince of Wales. 

Environmental Impacts of Livestock Feed


3Keel was commissioned by WWF-UK to provide an overview of the environmental impact of the global production of livestock feed.

Do certification schemes improve worker wellbeing?

19th May, 2017

3Keel senior consultant Catherine McCosker worked with a team at SOAS (University of London) under Dr Carlos Oya to conduct a systematic review of agricultural certification schemes (CS).

Research priorities for UN Global Goals


3Keel partnered with Beechlight to facilitate a 4-day ‘Bellagio’ convening on Lake Como, on behalf of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and The Rockefeller Foundation. The purpose was to develop an agreed approach for the Towards a Sustainable Earth (TaSE) initiative, a new venture to identify global research and innovation priorities that will enable the satisfaction of the UN Global Goals. 

WWF-UK landscape approaches

15th February, 2017

On October 18th, 3Keel facilitated a Landscapes Approaches workshop in London for more than 40 representatives from business, NGOs, the public sector and academia. The workshop was convened by WWF-UK and Marks & Spencer and provided a space for participants to explore the theoretical and practical implications of creating landscape-scale solutions to sustainable land use challenges.

The impact of plant pathogens on food security

24th January, 2017

Pathogens are estimated to cause around 12.5% of global crop losses, threatening many commercially and socially valuable crops, such as coffee, cassava, oranges, olives, wheat and rice. 3Keel researcher Sam Royston explores how vulnerable our food systems are to pathogens and how we can increase system resilience. 

Bargaining Chips

26th January, 2017

Getting the right deals for food in post-Brexit trade negotiations is prominent in the mind of many UK food businesses. It’s of huge strategic importance but when you look at the numbers, food may not be a top priority for most of our trading partners.  We certainly can’t assume that food will drive trade deals.  And at worst, it could become a disposable bargaining chip.

Securing the future of the UK's favourite fruit

20th January, 2017

3Keel has kicked off a multi-disciplinary Global Food Security research project with the universities of Exeter and Oxford to investigate the future of the UK's favourite fruit: the banana.

Binning assumptions on packaging

Pret A Manger

3Keel supported Pret A Manger develop an evidence-based global sustainable packaging specification underpinned by a full portfolio life cycle assessment across a range of material and impact metrics.

Farmland biodiversity - where next for market-based mechanisms?

11th December, 2015

3Keel founding partner Richard Sheane reflects on a decade of public and private sector work to improve the UK's farmland biodiversity - and considers where next for market-based mechanisms.

Natural Capital in the real world

Woodland Trust

3Keel worked in partnership with the Woodland Trust to pilot a novel Payment for Ecosystem Services business model, as part of a wider development programme, funded by Defra (see research reports here).