Food Systems Thinking course

Location: Marks & Spencer, London

Date & time: 15th June 2017

Price: £350+VAT (£250+VAT for registered charities)


Our food system is complex and highly interconnected. “Food Systems Thinking” is a streamlined one-day course that introduces and unpacks the complexities of the food system into bite size chunks, for examination, digestion and piecing back together for action. Food Systems Thinking touches on all corners of food value chains – from farm to fork - and provides a space for participants to pause, think, ask and learn about how their role fits into the system. 

What will be covered?

  • Major agricultural supply chain maps, including palm oil, wheat, and indirect soy use in animal feed.
  • Priority risk areas for businesses and policy makers, including water scarcity, deforestation and climate change.
  • Key hotspots and insights from greenhouse gas, water, biodiversity, and social impacts.
  • Critical standards and regulations (e.g. Modern Slavery Act, RTRS).
  • Analytical methods for identifying salient issues and where to act.
  • Food waste and opportunities for a more circular economy.
  • Household diets and the protein challenge.
  • Corporate and government targets and strategies.

Participants can also shape the precise content depending on their interests, such as procurement, policy making, sustainability.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anyone working in and on food production, manufacturing, or procurement. A cross-functional participant and business area audience helps to break down silos and expose experts in one element to other components, and to the system as a whole. The course has been designed to be accessible and relevant to individuals and teams that are both experts and non-experts.

Who delivers the course?

3Keel are specialists in food system sustainability and supply chains, working for clients in agriculture, the wider food industry, and for policy makers, NGOs and influencers. Partners from 3Keel run the interactive day, and the content is tailored to meet the needs of all participants. We provide a rich set of resources to take away, and facilitate group discussions throughout the day.

Course structure

From A to B: Understanding the food system

  • What are we eating, where does it come from?
  • How do we check the vital signs of the system and where are they going?
  • How does the food system function and who are the key players ?
  • What is powering/feeding the food system? 

Staying ahead of risks and seizing opportunities

  • How is the system responding to technological and climatic changes?
  • What are the biggest risks to food system resilience in the UK, and the wider world? 
  • Where do standards and regulations fit?

Building a more resilient system

  • How can you use available data to drive an evidence-based strategy for your organisation?
  • What levers can you pull to make the biggest difference in your role?
  • Where can tools support your decision making and what resources are available?


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